I’ve already activated my card number, what should I do next?

Earn points! Simply shop at any 7-Eleven store and present your activated card upon payment.

What are Points?

Points are virtual/digital points to be collected by card holders. These points can be exchanged for rewards.

How can I earn points?

Just present your Every Day! Rewards Card at the counter before paying.

  • Earn one (1) point for every P50 worth of single or accumulated purchase. (Cell phone prepaid cards, electronic load, bills payment, 7-Connect payment, and other special services are not included.)
  • Earn one (1) point by activating your card.
  • Earn one (1) point by completing your profile on the 7-Eleven Every Day Rewards website.
  • Earn one (1) point by linking your 7-Eleven Every Day Rewards profile to your Facebook account.
  • Earn special points by purchasing BOOSTER PRODUCTS.

Can I use my card at any 7-Eleven store?

Yes. Your Every Day! Rewards Card is accepted in all 7-Eleven stores.

Aside from buying products, where can I get points?

Bonus points will be given to card holders who will update their 7-Eleven Every Day Rewards profiles and link their Facebook account.

How can I check how many points I’ve already earned?

You may check your points balance by sending 711 BAL to 2327 or  0917 871 1150 for Globe and 0917 890 2327 or 0999 784 8793 for Smart and Sun, using the mobile number that you have used during activation, or when you log on to the Every Day Rewards website.

Can I view all the transactions where I’ve earned points?

Yes. Just log in at the Every Day Rewards website and go to the Accounts History page. In this page, you can find all the purchases or transactions that earned you points. Bonus points are also recorded in this page.