What are the items that I can redeem?

Here are the items that you can redeem using your Every Day! Rewards Card

for the period June 20, 2014 to July 22, 2014. Visit the Rewards Catalog page for the most updated list.

Redeemable items can also be found on the posters at 7-Eleven stores. You can also see the list when you log on to the Every Day Rewards website under the Rewards Catalog page.

How can I redeem from the Rewards Catalog?

There are 2 ways to redeem:

  • Send 711 REDEEM <PRODUCTCODE> to 2327 or 09178711150 for Globe and 0917 890 2327 or 0999 784 8793 for Smart and Sun using the mobile number you used during activation, or
  • Log on to the Every Day Rewards website and go to the Rewards Catalog page.

What is a product code?

Each redeemable item has a unique product code. The product codes will be used by the cashier to identify which item you are going to redeem.

Where can I find the product code?

Product codes can be found below the product description printed on the Every Day Rewards posters posted in 7-Eleven stores. These details can also be found at the Rewards Catalog when you log on to the Every Day Rewards website.

What is a 7-Connect Reference Number?

The 7-Connect Reference Number that you received upon redemption should be presented at the counter when you claim the item that you want to redeem.

Can I claim the item that I have redeemed without the 7-Connect Reference Number?

No. You can only claim the item you redeemed when you present the 7-Connect Reference Number.